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Rs. 750.00

Rise Up Kombucha - Mixed Pack

Kombucha is a cultured tea, a 2,000 year old ‘Elixir of Life!’ Small-batch fermented for 3 weeks, the result is a naturally fizzy, super refreshing drink packed with probiotics and organic acids for kick-ass digestion.

Drink kombucha as a delicious and healthy alternative to soft drinks. Consistent consumption of kombucha builds up good bacteria in your gut to aid efficient digestion & super-boost your immunity!

This is a mixed 4 pack so you can sample our 3 staple flavors plus a rotating experimental flavor if on hand. You will receive 1x Original, 1x Juicy Blue (blueberry) and 1x Lemon Zinger (lemon & ginger) and 1x experimental - currently Mango! If no experimental flavor on hand, you will recieve 2x Original. 

The ingredients for Original are organic black & green tea, water, organic sugar and the living kombucha culture. Juicy Blue also contains a natural blueberry puree; Lemon Zinger also contains fresh lemon juice, lemon zest and fresh ginger.

Packaging : Pack of 4 / 275ml each

Ingredients : Water, sugar, green rose tea, black tea, ginger, lemon zest, kombucha culture

Shelf life : 3 month